“Have you been missing those delightful mystery-travelogue works from Lyn Hamilton? Say hello to Cathy Ace and her intrepid sleuth, Cait Morgan, a Welsh-Canadian professor with a predilection for investigating crime. This is the eighth book in this series and I have somehow missed the other seven. Based on this one, the series is a winner. Cait is in Budapest, not enjoying herself. Her husband is back in Canada, her colleagues in Hungary are a dozy lot, and now a student wants her to find out who murdered her grandmother. Trouble is, granny died 40 years ago. This is a very old, very cold case. Nevertheless, Cait agrees to investigate – boredom can do that to you. This is a terrific light mystery with a wonderful setting and Ace is, well, an ace when it comes to plot and description.” Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“Cathy Ace’s series is perfect for those that love travel, food, and/or murder (reading it, not committing it).” BOLO Books

“This is one of my very favorite classic mystery series, and I thoroughly enjoyed this installment in the Cait Morgan series. I always know I am going to get a book filled with exciting locations, colorful characters and an un-put-downable mystery that will keep me up past my bedtime. If you enjoy classic mysteries, you should check out the Cait Morgan series.” Brooke Blogs

“I highly recommend The Corpse with the Ruby Lips.” MysteriesEtc

“The mystery was great and suspenseful… The characters were all very well done and very believable.” Books, Dreams, Life

“Cathy Ace has a unique writing style that captures you from page one and doesn’t let go. When you sit down to start reading any of the stories in this series you are going to be there until you reach the end. I recommend all the books in this series. They each can be read on their own but as soon as you read one, you are going to want to read the rest.” Escape with Dollycas

“This another very satisfying story from Cathy Ace. Cait Morgan is a very human character who uses her impressive talents to solve the crime with empathy and understanding, and with enough human faults to endear her to the reader…I find Ace’s novels very comforting. The scene is set, the puzzle posed and Cait uses her wit and ingenuity to survive threats and danger to arrive at a satisfactory solution. A very strong addition to this very appealing series” CrimeSquad.com