“This is a very modern update on Christie’s country house scenario and is cleverly constructed where the intricate interweaving of the plot is slowly revealed….I heartily recommend this teasing little puzzle.” crimesquad.com

“…strong story telling and a fast paced ending.” Don Graves, Canadian Mystery Reviews

“The Corpse with the Platinum Hair offers a sympathetic amateur detective, a locked-room mystery, a small cast of colourful suspects, loving descriptions of food and drink, and a few red herrings thrown our way. Yet Ace reinvigorates this formula with a nod to a fresh literary or filmic artifice in each novel in the series. The first was a crime caper in the To Catch a Thief tradition, the second a family saga, the third a spy thriller, and this fourth one is most certainly a nod to noir and the Rat Pack.” crimefictionlover.com

“The Corpse with the Platinum Hair is not only a really good mystery, it is also very well-written. I read a lot of books and if a book does not hold my attention I abandon it. Definitely not the case here. ....Great story. I really enjoyed it. Happy to recommend it to everyone who loves a good mystery.” MysteriesEtc – a blog for mystery lovers, by a mystery lover.

“This whodunit will make you want more with each turn of the page. You can’t stop reading it once you start!!” Shelley’s Book Case

“This is really a fantastic series. The characters are interesting, the mysteries are intriguing, and the settings are fun.” Brooke Blogs