Hamilton Spectator: “…neatly paced with zippy dialogue and plot twists reminiscent of a country lane, served up with orange juice and champagne, of course. Add a murder, Cait Morgan doing a fine turn as Sherlock Holmes and her friend Bud Anderson as Dr. Watson, and you have a sparkling, well-plotted and quite devious mystery in the cozy tradition, all pointing to Ace’s growing finesse at telling an entertaining story.”

Globe and Mail: “If you’re a lover of classic mystery, this second Cait Morgan novel is for you. Ace takes her foodie/criminologist into B.C. wine country for a murder with touches of Christie or Marsh but with a bouquet of Kinsey Millhone.”

Marina Sofia, crimefictionlover.com: “Agatha Christie set in the modern world, with great wallops of lovingly described food and drink. Cait is such a fun, enjoyable character: not the young, glamorous action girl detective, nor the gossipy, ever-knitting Miss Marple type, but a living, breathing, real woman with her own foibles and self-admitted weaknesses…A delightful addition to the cosy mystery sub-genre in scenic settings, it converted even this lover of noir to a calmer, gentler place.”

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews: “This is the second book in the series, and I really would have liked to have read the first book in the series first – I definitely will go back and read it. It was a really good story and I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful mystery.”

Lou Allin, Goodreads: “Those who enjoy traditional closed-room mysteries with a tasty addition of food and wine will turn these pages with delight.”